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About Us

Our Story

Rehabsurge, Inc.’s mission is to support health care and education professionals to continue their educational and professional development.


Rehabsurge is committed to identifying, promoting, and implementing innovative continuing education activities, which can increase and impart professional knowledge and skills through books, audiobooks or digital e-books based on sound scientific and clinically-derived research. The first Rehabsurge continuing education book was published in July 2009.

Mission Statement

Rehabsurge, Inc. exists to provide the latest treatment and assessment approaches to the practicing clinician. The basic proposition of our business is simple, solid, and timeless.


When we bring the latest knowledge and skill to our clients, then we successfully nurture and protect our brand- Rehabsurge, Inc. That is the key to fulfilling our ultimate obligation to provide consistently attractive books, audiobooks and digital e-books.

Full Disclosure

To comply with professional boards/associations standards, all planners, authors and reviewers involved in the development of continuing education content are required to disclose their relevant financial relationships.


An individual has a relevant financial relationship if he or she has a financial relationship in any amount, occurring in the last 12 months with a commercial interest whose products or services are discussed in their presentation content over which the individual has control. Relevant financial relationships must be disclosed to the audience.


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